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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 8, 2014 2:05am-2:36am EST

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condition tonight after being hit on the highway. pennsylvania state police say daniel cal away a trained emt and volunteer firefighter from wilmington, delaware, got out of his car to help another driver who had hit a guardrail. this happened along 95 south near exit nine in tinicum township. an suv then hit the disabled car just before 5:00 o'clock this morning sending it crashing into the 31-year-old firefighter. police also now investigating a homicide in southwest philadelphia. investigators say a sketch-year-old security guard was found tied up with facial injuries and side avanta storage facility. a manager found him dead shortly after 3:00 this afternoon at locker room self for storage in the 2200 block of 62nd street. his identity has yet been released. >> and new at 11:00 o'clock, one person is taken to the hospital after fire rips through a kensington home. it happened in the 3400 block of kensington of a short particularly 10:00 o'clock tonight.
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there's no word on the extent of injuries to victims, the cause is still under investigation at this hour. >> now low prices at the pump means extra money in your pocket this holiday season. that's always good news. gas prices dropped another 12 cents over the past two week. the lumberg survey says the current national average is 2.72 for a gallon of regular. drivers in san francisco paying the most. those in allobar occur key pay the least. according to aaa pennsylvanians are paying 288 for a gallon of regular. across the bridge in jersey and you'll pay closer to 2.58. delaware drivers can top off their tanks for about 2.74 a gallon. >> many shopping in center city philadelphia get free parking thanks to a technical glitch at the philadelphia parking authority kiosks. these machines are having some trouble accepting credit cards. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson tells us what you should do if you received a ticket near a kiosk this weeke weekend. >> reporter: here's an opening line nobody wants to hear.
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parking problems in philadelph philadelphia. >> i would like to apologize for this, and ask the general public to be patient. >> reporter: that is the voice of philadelphia parking authority executive director vince, apologizing sunday to queue. here's the deal. friday ppa officials discovered a tech nidal problem at those green parking kiosk you see around the city. preventing the machines from accepting credit card payments. so without cash, a lot of people parked any way and had tickets written. >> yeah, i'm very mad. >> reporter: philly's lauren ba gentleman minute is one of those people. we asked if she was going to dispute the ticket but she says, well, in her case, she also double park parked. i already paid the tick. the sign was a little bit mr. clear than i thought it was. >> ppa officials aren't sure how many laurens there are out there. they're offering free day at any credit card based machine and asking anyone with a ticket in dispute to send in a complaint on the ppa website. unless, of course, you double
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park. >> the customer card information is absolutely safe. that has all been check much it's not a hacking incident whatsoever. it is totally a communications failure. >> reporter: so monday if you are parking, bring cash. this free day ends sunday. but the ppa says they are working with vendors to try to figure out what exactly the problem is and if they don't have it fixed by monday, they may have to take a new approach. for now we're in center city, i'm steve patterson cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> detainees released from the us military prison in guantonimo bay that's one story that we're following for you coming up ne next. plus 73 years ago a surprise attack on pearl harbor became the day that will live in infa infamy. ceremonies were held all around the he john today. >> and the big apple gets some royal visitor visitors. prince william and his wife kate arrive in new york for a whirlwind trip. we'll tell you about that. justin. we have dry conditions right now but i am tracking coastally
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stop the way for the work week. those details in the "eyewitness weathe
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>> pearl harbor way attacked 73 years ago today. the bombing began at 7:55 a.m. hawaii time on december 11th, 1941. less than two hours later, 2500 had been killed. another thousand injured. president franklin roosevelt called it the day that would live in infamy. ushering america into the second world war. >> a ceremony meantime was held on board the battleship new jersey to pay tribute to the lives lost in day. as military families, veterans and local officials looked on, a red, white and blue wreath was thrown into the delaware river followed by a quite salute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. (taps). >> presentation of colors at vfw post 3460 in media, delaware county much the man in the white jacket is navy veteran edward
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cane. he was a teenager new to the service on the day of the atta attack. bill philly of the us army air corp. in the tie was held as prisoner of war for nine months. chaplain was with them for the ceremony. >> six men dee taped for more than a decade at a u.s. prison in begun bay prison are released date days before a senate report on cia interrogation methods set to be released. uruguay's president did a agree to accept them as a humanitarian gesture. and help them get settled. none of the individuals were ever charged. >> now, britain's prince william and his wife kate arrived in new york city tonight. the royal couple begin a very busy three hiv day visit to the us. cbs correspondent brian web has details now from new york. >> reporter: will and kate the duke and duchess of cambridge pause briefly for photos outside
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their manhattan hotel. the couple is beginning a three hiv day us trip and their fans could not be any more excited. >> i love prince william and because he married kate i love kate. >> many waited hours in frigid temperatures to get a glimpse of royalty. >> i'm hoping that the duchess comes over and greets us and i give her some flowers. >> reporter: duke and duchess are staying here at the carlisle hotel. it was a favorite of william's mother princess diana. on monday, prince william goes solo to washington, d.c. to meet president obama while kate who is pregnant with her second child will visit a harlem child development center with shirley mc ray the wife of bill diblas diblasio. what kate wears will likely attract as much attention as what she does. >> i love her style. i'm always checking out her outfits and trying to see if i can find them anywhere. it usually doesn't happen. >> reporter: will and kate reconnect monday night for nba game in brooklyn on tuesday both
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there will tour the national september 11th memorial at ground zero. in new yor brian web for cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> south street is transformed no a winter wonderland there were free performances by dancers to put the crowd in a holiday spirit this sunday and lots of gifts for the kids of all ages at the market. but the highlight was when officials through the switch on the giant beautiful christmas tree there. celebrate the holidays with our joy of sharing campaign. if you can, please buy a new unwrapped toy and bring it to one of our drop off locations. for list of those locations go to or call 215-977-joys. you can also text donation. tech the word joy to 41444. >> it is feeling like christmas outside right now. we have temperatures from our weather watchers to prove it. check it out numbers are pretty
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cold in some spots. especially in the suburb. already down to 25 degrees this mower in gilbertville checking in from our eileen murray from gilbertsville. perkasie chuck pressler has 27 degrees. lieutenant matthews in bern berneville. haddon heights mike checks that at 30 degrees. we're cold across the delaware valley because we had the clear skies. if you want to be featured in our newscast become a "eyewitness news" weather watcher. >> now, typhoon continues to lash the philippines after making two land falls on the island country. slow moving storm is weakening. still packs very strong winds. also dumping heavy rain that could trigger landslides and flash floods at least three people have died. the typhoon is now heading toward manila. and we check out how it looks on satellite. actually looking a whole lot weaker that's good news but it's a slow-moving system. you can see right over the phil
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pines heading towards ma nil l less organized compared to yesterday at this time. certainly good news for them but still heavy rain and wind to deal with out in the islands. back home, little breezy here and it's cold. when you factor in the wind, low 20s in spots. 13 degrees what it feels like in mount pocono. dry on storm scan3. clear skies at the mommy. here comes clouds from the west. one system will watch that will help energize or next coastal storm monday night into tuesday. we'll stay dry through the overnight hours and monday. so enjoy tomorrow. if you have outdoor plans high pressure still locked over us. just bring in more clouds from the south. temperatures cool for this time of year around 40 degrees. then watch this system. it moves out of the great lakes helps form this coastal low that tracks up the east coast. brings period of rain in our area through the day on tuesday some of it heavy at times much very windy as well especially along the coast. also combined with a full moon tides will be running high. storm system slow mover. slowly moves out for wednesday
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but still on the back side. there could be some snow showers and main showers especially up in the poconos. let's talk about this system. that high pressure system over new england keeping us dry now. going to help really kick up the winds. that's pressure difference between the low and the high see these black lines here. those are seiss oh bars the tighter they are the windier it is. as the storm forms those winds will gust off the ocean especially along the new jersey and delaware. new england we see the snow and certainly up in the poconos looks like this storm could end with a few inches of snow. here's what to expect tuesday from this storm. rain potentially one to 3-inches with the highest amounts across eastern new jersey. winds will gust to about 40 miles an hour along the coast that will lead to tidal flooding around times of high tide. both monday morning and tuesday morning and potential for some accumulating snowings up in the poconos. if you're looking for lot of snow you'll have to far north into upstate new york. poconos kind of on that southern edge of the accumulating snow as the storm system moves away.
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let's time the out for you. just clear skies overnight. some clouds return monday. we'll keep it dry. this is after midnight we start to see the rain moving in from south to north. tuesday morning and then some of that rain heavy at times into early afternoon. looks like the steed dee rain will start to come an end later during the evening an at night. on the back side we can see that change over to snow up in the mountains and still left over rain and snow showers in the forecast for wednesday as well. especially in the poconos. how much rain we talking about? you can see one to maybe even up 3-inches indicated by the purple there especially across eastern new jersey. as that storm hug the coast. it's dry overnight. lower and cold with low of 30 degrees. tomorrow still chilly for this time of year partial sunshine. with a-around four. here's we go. the, 10ed forecast little bit warmer on tuesday. we're in the low 40s that's why this is going to be rain event. it will be windy all across the delaware valley. and then wednesday, some rain and snow showers possible especially north in the city. windy bite end of the week slowly dry out/sunshine returns
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for friday. next weekend pretty nice if you like milder temperatures pushing 50 degrees for next sunday. now holiday lights are starting to go up. were want to pictures of your holiday display on social media you shall of using the #cbs3 holiday lights. e-mail them to holiday lights at and we may even come to your home and show them live on "eyewitness news". >> i was looking forward that. >> thank you very much. >> my hands are killing me right now from the lights. >> you put up your lights. >> i'm like the griswolds. >> lighting up the neighborhood. >> let's get a lesson in the reid option from russell wilson
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>> eagles lost to a better team today. seattle defense held chip kelly's offense to a career low 139 yards and russell wilson
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pitched a masterpiece. let's take a look at it. wilson doesn't get the respect he deserves. the reigning super bowl mvp showed the eagles what the read option is supposed to look like. he through the ball away when he could not find a clear target. and he ran the offense like a point guard looking for teammates to take hand offs or catch passes eagles fall to seattle 24-14 but no worries. dallas, washington and the giants coming up. within those and they win the nfc east. >> times you had them sacked you thought the crowd going crazy and he comes out of it. kept a lot of drives alive for them went got to do a better j job. we talked about it when he was scrambling. we didn't do enough job containing him and he was the difference for them offensive today. >> temple was bowl eligible with six wins but they did not get invite. improve many over last year's two and 10 season. good news for penn state. they will play in the pinstripe bowl december 27th at yankee
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stadium against boston college. >> this is their first bowl since 2011. >> all right. coming up on the nissan sports zone wip's black macnow in studio to talk through the philadelphia sports teams beginning with the birds that's ahead in the zone. >> all right. beas, you're not too worried about the loss today and what's coming up. >> it's over. they got to win next three and go the tough road in the playoffs. >> thanks, beas. appreciate that. >> music you know they can't read it but they certainly can play it beautifully. members of the joy bells perform the sounds of the holiday that's coming up. we'll tell was makes these musicians so very special. we're back in a moment.
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♪ >> welcome back everyone. joy bells of mel mark team up with chamber orchestra of
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philadelphia for two holiday concerts at the kimmel sent. ♪ >> this year the joint ensemble will release a holiday cd of their performance and all the proceeds from the cd will benefit mel mark a non hiv profit school that helps people with dissables. that sound wonderful. justin is back. he's got a last check on your work week forecast also the cbs3 sports zone starts up right
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>> all right. justin, so a wet forecast coming up. >> things go downhill later this week. still dry tomorrow. chill temperatures around 40 degrees for the high. clouds will increase. but get those raincoats out for tuesday. wind driven rain some of that heavy at times again one to maybe even 3-inch office rain from this coastal storm. temperatures will be in the 40s majority of the region does see rain from this event but it's possible up in the poconos later tuesday night we see that change over to some snow could be few inches up there in the mountains and still maybe a few leftover rain and even snow showers wednesday so some clouds with high near 40 degrees and slow improvement by the end of the week. still chilly but approaching 50 for next weekend with sunshine on sunday.
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>> perfectly melted. >> yeah. >> and i could have perfectly grilled steaks set at 350 degrees that give me a perfect medium-rare steak or however you like it, and it's never going to burn. perfect pork chops. and not only pork chops. >> right. salmon, grilled vegetables, sausage -- perfect every time. >> and what if i told you, when you fried your chicken, it was gonna be fried at the perfect temperature of 375 -- gently, perfectly, crispy, never soaking up too much oil? >> that's hard to do. >> in fact, that's the problem with the old stovetops, whether it's gas or electric. you can turn it up and down, but because you don't have precise control, you're going to get boil-overs. because you don't have precise control, you're going to burn the cereal on the bottom from time to time. and because you don't have precise temperature control, you can't help but burn a steak or a pork chop on your stove. you see, you're not the bad cook in the kitchen. the stovetop is the bad cook in the kitchen. >> that's right, and those days of bad cooking are over, thanks to the fine folks here at nuwave, makers of the number-one
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challenges of cooking a butter sauce is that if you get it too hot, you know, over 135 degrees, it breaks down. if you get it too cool, it congeals. the beauty of the nuwave p.i.c. is that i can control the temperature exactly and keep the sauce for an extended period of time. that's such an added bonus for a professional cook and a home cook. >> let me show you this unusual pan. bob, what did we do here? >> well, we actually cut a pan and cut a section out because in here, you can see we have cereal rapidly boiling, right? >> boiling away. >> i can put my hand right there. >> that's amazing. move your hand. i'm going to put an ice cube right there. it's not melting. >> because all of the energy is going into cooking your food. there's nothing wasted anywhere outside of the pan. so this is perfectly cool. so take and wipe that ice cube off there. >> okay. >> all right. >> i got a cloth right here. watch this. i'll take this ice cube -- wipe it up. i'm using a paper towel on a burner. there's no fire, there's no flame, so it's so safe. >> and the minute you put the
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pan back on, it starts boiling right again. >> wow. >> now, because we're cooking without fire, jenny, i'm gonna take a sheet of play money and put it between the p.i.c. and the pan. instantly, it starts boiling again. >> have you ever seen anything like that -- cooking through paper? >> so now we're cooking far more efficiently. we're saving 40% to 50% of the energy. >> right. >> isn't that amazing? >> male announcer: seeing is believing. look what happened when the nuwave p.i.c. was put to the test on the streets of san francisco. >> all right, this is gonna blow your mind. this is the precision induction cooktop, and it is portable, eco-friendly, it saves you a lot of money, it saves you a lot of time. >> wow. >> cooking time is cut in half. do you see that the water's boiling there? >> yeah. >> the great thing about induction cooking is it only heats the part of the pot that is magnetic. so everything else stays cool. so watch this. ah! >> wow. >> whoa. >> okay, everybody, put your hands on it. >> it doesn't get hot? >> no. it just heats the magnetic part of the pot. this is at 110. you can leave it at 110, and it
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won't get gloppy, it won't get stale, it won't harden. >> and you don't have to be a big chef to cook. like, i don't have time to cook. this would be great. >> exactly. this makes you look like an actual good chef. it's temperature-controlled, so i pop my fried chicken right in there and i know exactly what temperature it's at. and, you know, if you go down one -- 10 degrees. boom. drops just like that. can you do that on a gas range? >> no. >> no, not at all. >> this is temperature-controlled so you don't overcook it, you don't undercook it. >> i love the temperature control. i can cook meat without drying it out. >> mmm. >> that's amazing. >> mmm. good. >> what do you think? >> nice and crispy. >> you can fry, you can simmer, you can steam, you can fondue -- you can do everything with this. i love it. >> it's amazing. i've never seen anything like it. >> i love that if you take the pot off of the top, it stops, and that the handles were cool. that's really amazing. >> and you know what the great thing is, you guys? it's portable. you can take this whole thing over to the table, plop it down, and it will stay at 110 right in the middle of your guests, and you can dip all day.


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